Pilot Salary in Canada Per Month 2022 - Sunwing Airlines

Today we’re going to talk about how much Air Pilot salary in Canada per month 2022 so we’re looking at the pilot compensation at Sunwing airline we’re first going to look at the fleet the route map the pilot compensation between the captain and first officer pay as well as some other considerations to consider besides the pay.

Air Canada Pilot Salary 2021: Some airlines are Canadian leisure airline that takes passengers from Canada and the United airlines pilot salary down to sunny and warm destinations during the winter months the fleet consists of over 40 different airplanes including the Boeing 737-800 and max models it’s easily recognizable at the airport because the airplane is painted in bright orange colors.

Even thus something is a Canadian airline they barely fly to many destinations within Canada.

International Pilot Salary:

Now when it comes to the united states the majority of the destinations that submarine flies to are concentrated within the state of Florida.

However, the core of the businesses to these destinations are in Mexico Central America as well as the falling destinations in the Caribbean.

During the summer months since it’s already warm within Canada, there’s not much domestic flying to do.

Sunwing sends its crew and airplanes over to Europe to partner with other European airlines.

Recently we’ve also partnered with swoop which is a Canadian ultra-low cars carrier and the idea behind the partnership is to connect Canadians from smaller cities within Canada down to their vacation destinations down south.

Now for the moment, you have all been waiting for the pilot compensation at Sunwing Airlines. Keep in mind that this compensation is based on 900 hours of minimum annual guarantee what that is is basically you take 900 hours times your hourly rate as a pilot and that gives you the annual numbers.

Pilot Salary in Canada Per Month 2022

Starting Salary of Pilot in Canada

Air Canada Pilot Salary first officer in year one earns fifty-five thousand four hundred and eight dollars year two sixty-nine thousand zero nine eight dollars year three seventy-six thousand and five dollars and all the way in year eleven at a hundred thousand three hundred and seventy dollars.

Air Canada Pilot Salary First Officer

Year in Position2022
Annual Salary (900 hours Minimum Guarantee)
2 $69,098
3 $76,005
starting salary of pilot in canada

In my opinion that pilot salary in canada is on per for the first four years that you would experience at other bigger airlines such as Westchester or Canada but then this salary severely tapers off at the five-year mark and doesn’t actually compare to the other airlines.

Of course, you could add on per diems in overtime and stuff like that but we’re just talking about the basic salary numbers here. A submarine captain in year one makes a hundred and two thousand nine hundred twenty dollars year two hundred and eighteen thousand 6 hundred and 10 dollars year 3 hundred and 30 thousand four hundred seventy-eight dollars and uh in year 11,186 344 dollars.

Air Canada Pilot Salary

Captain Salary

Year in Position2022
Annual Salary (900 hours Minimum Guarantee)
2 $118,610
3 $130,478
starting salary of pilot in canada

Again for that captain’s salary numbers, it doesn’t actually come close to the major airlines such as their Canada or WestJet and I don’t think it even comes close to the numbers that cargo jet.

Again please bear with me these are just the base salary numbers I know some pilots will make way more than what I’ve just posted that’s because you factor in stuff like overtime, if you go overseas if you deploy overseas they actually pay you additional money to be away from your family.

Now I also think it’s important to look at some of the other things besides the pay because your quality of life your lifestyle are also equally as important.

Pilot Salary in Canada Per Month
Pilot Salary in Canada Per Month

For example, the maximum days you actually schedule to work is no more than 16 days a month if the company crew scheduling, for example wanted to assign you any more flying they cannot do that unless you actually OPT in yourself, when it comes to overtime it’s actually more fairly distributed where the senior pilots are not hogging up all the overtime and it’s actually distributed down to the junior pilots as well.

And the overtime is time and a half for anything above 90 hours in your first year and 87 hours in your second year and 85 hours in your third year.

And finally for retirement benefits the company does give you a seven percent match for your RRSPs which is the registered retirement savings plan. So there you have it the pilot conversation at Sunwing airlines.

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