Mesothelioma Lawyers In Canada

Learn about Mesothelioma lawyers in Canada and what asbestos lawyers can do for you.

What is asbestos?

Learn everything there is to know about asbestos in Canada, from the differences between white and blue asbestos to how many different buildings constructed before 1968 have asbestos in them and where. An experienced Canadian mesothelioma blog will answer all your questions about asbestos-related illnesses.

Why is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is dangerous because it breaks down into microscopically thin fibers that are so small they may be able to remain airborne for days after they were initially disturbed. People who inhale these fibers may develop serious or fatal illnesses at a later date.

Asbestos is a very interesting natural phenomenon. Below you will find a Canadian mesothelioma lawyer that can really help you should you get exposed to asbestos in Canada.

How is asbestos still being used?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency bans in the United States have been put in place for the domestic production and use of asbestos since 1973. But there has not been a ban on the importation of products containing asbestos from other countries; presently, around 90% percent of all asbestos used in this country is imported.

The history of the asbestos industry in Canada.

In the 1870s, Quebec was the first province to begin mining asbestos. In the 1920s, The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company donated funds for a program at McGill University that would study the respiratory health of workers. The department’s goal was to find a “dust disease” caused by asbestos that made many workers ill.

How to protect yourself against asbestos exposure?

When going on a cleanup of an industrial scene, a natural disaster, or an accident, safety gear should be one of your first considerations. Some of the most important protective equipment to buy includes:

Respirators/safety goggles/glasses: Used as a means to protect your eyes from any sort of dust or other particles that can harm you during the decontamination process.

Rubber boots: To limit contamination on your shoes when walking through previously contaminated areas.

Disposable coveralls: To wear over everything else so as not to risk cross-contamination. They are usually only used during surveillance and further precautions must be taken if one needs to come in contact with potentially infected objects, such as gloves.

Rubber gloves: To be worn while dealing with contaminated items Gloves should be changed whenever potentially touched something potentially infectious Coverall Onesie.

Disposable mask: To place over your nose and mouth to prevent you from breathing in anything potentially harmful.

Mesothelioma Lawyers In Canada
Mesothelioma Lawyers In Canada

How can help Mesothelioma lawyers in Canada?

Mesothelioma lawyers offer invaluable help to victims of Mesothelioma. The legal professionals have an eye for detail and possess the knowledge required to pursue compensation via a means of legal action.

An attorney working with victims of mesothelioma can help one pursue compensation for these painful forms of cancer and ensure patients are receiving benefits.


Asbestos, a mineral once hailed as a wonder material, has led to thousands of deaths and diseases. If you or someone you know has been affected by asbestos, contact a trusted Canadian mesothelioma lawyer as soon as possible.

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